TAP Protocol

Tapmydata PDS

Grab the Tapmydata app today and have a play with it for yourself. We're live in the app stores and have over 4000 active users.
The best way to get a feel for our PDS is to try it out for yourself. Download it from Google Play or the App Store and if you like what we are up to, please leave us a review.
The Tapmydata PDS (Personal Data Store) sits at the centre of our platform. It is a consumer friendly mobile app that is available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store. You can try it out right now for yourself and we welcome you do to so.
At the heart of the application sits your personal data locker where you can collate and verify you personal data. It is this data that is valuable and core to our proposition.
That's right, you will be able to mint a non-fungible token direct from within the application and use this to leverage value from your personal data store.
As well as a personal data locker the application is also a custodial crypto wallet for the TAP token (see migrating from Stellar). We will be extending the wallet side of the application to support non-custodial wallets for individuals that are more familiar with crypto and want control over their keys.
The Tapmydata application is being expanded to support:
  • Verifiable claim support
  • Verification marketplace (currently uses our own ID Verification Beta)
  • Document signing
Think of the simplicity of applying for a credit application, house rental or any other legal process when you have verifiable and immutable evidence