Our roadmap is subject to change but the following is a current snapshot of our high level journey so far and things we are working on now and in the future. It should be noted this roadmap is at a high level and general improvements and new features will always be ongoing driven by user demand.



H2 2019

Full release of App & secure admin portal

Focus on education, UX & user growth

Angel fundraising round

H1 2020

5 app updates released based on user input

Portal enhancements & full API

Partnerships with Outlier Ventures, DataSwift, Espyder

H2 2020

First paid trials and commercial sales

ID verification functionality launched

Auto breach notification for mobile app

Token fundraising event

Q1 2021

TAP/Wallet integration (app & portal): Goal is to update our native app (IOS & Android), token mechanics and closely integrate the secure web messaging portal to bring along 4,500 existing users and introduce them to the Tap ERC20 token and decentralized world. Users are given the means (metamask, WalletConnect) to link their own ETH wallet and export Tap ERC20 tokens.

Tap acts as on-ramp for privacy users to become aware of their data’s value and how their actions feed into the ecosystem. Crypto users have a secure, private space to keep their details and licence it to partners. Organisations have access to a new, privacy-centric market of crypto consumers who are open to their messaging and offers.

Q2 2021

Open Source the Tapmydata Project: Goal is to build adoption of the Tap technology, ecosystem and token through open-sourcing code, standards and documentation for other projects.

Open-sourcing builds credibility with the developer community and enables better collaboration with other projects. This opens the door to new sources of funding for integrations and enhancements. Potential to create revenue share/marketplace for third party developers via dual licensing, extra features and value-added services, with Tap token as medium of exchange.

Q2 2021

Know Your Client (KYC) Enhancements: Goal is to enhance document verification for ID checking within the app and add new types (driver licence, utility bills), integrate Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) checks and reusability across services in conjunction with open sourcing.

Provides real value to users as their secure place for verified, transferable ID. Operates to a variety of use cases for both the Tap ecosystem at a much lower cost than traditional KYC services and available to crypto, third sector and other community-focused projects.

Q3 2021

Build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of Tap on-ramp product for crypto, DeFi projects: Goal is to take Tapmydata’s tech, expertise and experience with Balancer, KYC, AML and data rights to offer a bolt-on service for crypto projects which meets regulatory requirements in a frictionless way, ethically and with Privacy by Design.

Tap can offer partners (Balancer, decentralised marketplace, crypto project) a unique solution to their legal requirements and a way for them to onboard users, clients and investors with privacy and a public statement of record via blockchain. We believe this offering is unique in the current market, and look to raise further funding in H2 2021 to develop out from the MVP.

Q4 2021

Crowdsourcing verifiable data - NFT’s & wrapped tokens: Goal is to develop the central data wallet concept; a data owner can build their data profile and package up their profile information into NFTs (Data Nuggets) to be exchanged for Tap tokens (ERC20). Organisations buy TAP to exchange for verifiable consent tokens or to make 'reverse data requests' to petition data owners to sell their data for consumer research, marketing purposes.

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