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TAP is Tapmydata's native protocol token and is issued by TAP Protocol Ltd.
Token Name
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Token Type
Initial Supply
Maximum Supply
Core Question
How do people control and unlock value represented by their data.
Consent for data use is currently implicit, opaque and proprietary; the actors have poor incentives (regulatory obligations) to change procedures and processes to meet consumer needs.
Criteria for Success
A growing user base and awareness of project with users minting consent (NFT) tokens and obtaining value (ERC20 tokens) from organisations. We see us becoming an potential on-ramp in to crypto for the average Joe/Joeleen.
Scope of Solution Space
Ability for users to extract value for their ‘static’ data-sets from organisations. We do not intend to directly handle real-time data other than through marketplace activities which could be handled via partnerships.
Constraints of Solution Space
Growing interest amongst users and companies simultaneously is difficult “Reasons to care”. Tapping into existing company user bases and giving those organisations a value add is our mitigation this. This has to some extent been proved up by commercial interactions to date.
Joe/Joleen data owner. Companies/Orgs holding data. Data validators/issuers e.g. public notaries, governments, Data Unions, Developers
Key Sources of Insight
US Data monetisation movement and tech, web 2 browser level initiatives, Distributed data marketplaces

TAP Distribution

For more information about our token distribution event visit https://tapmydata.com/tap-token

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