TAP Protocol

Who we are

Tapmydata has an advanced, robust data rights solution and channel for organisations to rebuild trust with citizens – securely, transparently and with Privacy by Design - the first of its kind worldwide.
We have a proven capability to deliver consumer grade technology that works reliably, with Privacy by Design and using the public blockchain as a statement of record.
Covering PrivTech, crypto and data commerce, our leadership team is experienced in founding, growing and exiting businesses across the tech spectrum. Our specialists bring together the skills to take new ideas from conception through MVP to delivery on an agile basis.
MD of Governor Technology, a mobile web development agency for 10 years. Devised and led the pivot to SAAS, founding Optanon, a pioneering product in the PrivTech sector, and Cookiepedia, a knowledge base for consumer tracking on the Web. Gilbert led development of the customer base and brand, acquisition of a smaller competitor and sale of the business to OneTrust.
Tom has worked in technology for the last 20 years as a developer and previously co-founded a successful Software company (Simpleweb) that develops technology for and invests in startup businesses. Tom is one of the founders of Tapmydata and works full time on the project from his home in Vancouver, British Columbia.
A serial entrepreneur, Irfon has founded and sold companies across the API spectrum. Currently CEO of DOVU he was previously founder and CEO of Coull, a programmatic video advertising company processing over 15 billion requests a month from over 118 countries. With over 20 years experience as an executive, Irfon has a strong background in starting and growing businesses at global scale.
Registered European lawyer with over 11 years of experience in Contract and Commercial Law. Krasina has headed an international legal department in a law firm, having to deal with various civil and international matters. Then she became a sole-practitioner, focused mainly in Contract, Commercial and Company Law, whilst co-founding a construction business in Belgium. As Head of Legal at a million dollar ad-tech company she discovered her passion around Data protection, Privacy and Smart legal agreements.
Experienced in building and managing corporate administration and events, and managing sales teams in a FMCG industry, Jelena is multi-lingual and used to working in an international environment, on a number of successful crypto projects. Well connected and experienced in building, scaling and connecting communities across a wide spectrum of digital channels.
Riku is a business-minded full stack developer with over 15 years of experience in web and software development. Riku has a passion for delivering creative and efficient solutions for complex software problems, in an Agile environment.