TAP Protocol


Consent: [ kuhn-sent ]: accord; concord; harmony. (Oxford English Dictionary)
The established model of the internet and the rules around data, its lifeblood, are being re-written. We’ve all lost control, and companies’ lakes of personal data are turning toxic with rising penalties and weaponised privacy rights.
The complexity of the AdTech ecosystem and its mostly automated practices long ago exceeded the capacity of the human brain to understand them in detail, and in that space uncertainty, doubt and conspiracy theories have grown.
This means a situation where people are increasingly concerned about their data and online identities: 78% believe businesses get the best value from data exchange, and 65% that they have lost control of their personal data. Trust has been badly damaged.
The Tapmydata solution is a framework of tools, ledger and decentralised protocol for people to reclaim their digital identity, crystallise unique, verified elements of consent in an NFT and provide a new, transparent channel for legitimate counterparties to blend data and exchange value.
Data is Destiny: Our mission is to give people control of their data and leverage collective agency in how it’s used, whether to share or get their piece of a market worth $325Bn annually. This forms a critical pillar of the new trust economy that is replacing the data silos of The Old Web.
Last modified 2yr ago